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My best friend is a writer

My writing obsession began in junior high when I started a journal, chronicling all the misadventures of love, lost love and all the drama of teenage life in-between. I still reference this journal--its cover clad with taped-on, cut-out magazine words--to this day. My writing continued in high school when I began taking journalism classes, and eventually became editor of the school newspaper. I wrote about everything from heart-felt high school moments to calling out injustice in the school administration (sorry Mom). I received first place in the Kansas Scholastic Press Association feature writing competition my junior year. That precious time in my life led me to pursue a career in journalism. 

Fast-forward to a few years ago, my best friend Amy surprised me, telling me that she had written and self-published a book. I was so proud of her, and it got my wheels spinning, wondering why I didn't take on the adventure myself. I knew I had words and stories in me that needed to get out. With her encouragement and enthusiasm, I started writing my first book. 

And then it sat. 

And then life happened.

And then I wrote a little more. 

And then, said best friend invited me to contribute to a collection of love stories to be released on Valentine's Day 2018. I swallowed the fear and determined to finish a little novella for the compilation. 

105 Reasons, published in Hearts and Beaus: A Collection of Love Stories, is my first completed work. I couldn't be more proud--of the story, and of the girls this book brought together. Check out the profiles of the other awesome authors below. I couldn't have done it without them and I'm so thankful for their support in making this little journal writer's dream come true!

Amy Stearman | E.J. Whitmer | Elise Barker | Megan Nelson | Mica Rossi

And I'm still working on that first book I started. Stay tuned. ;)